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11 Second Club Oct 08 – Final

yep, i’m calling it a final! for all it’s flaws…

Download movie: 11sec_oct08_submit_01

11 Second Club – Oct – Polish 2

Lipsync, lots more polish. Making progress…

Download movie: 11sec_oct08_polish_02

11 Second Club – Oct – Polish 1

Polish pass 1 – no lipsync, and still lots of polish stuff to do. Deadline, here we come!

Download movie: 11sec_oct08_blocking_02

Autodesk buys Softimage

It’s hard to imagine how this is a good thing…

11 Second Club – Oct – Blocking 1

Starting a little late, but what the hell. Blocking pass 1 for the 11 Second Club, October 08 edition. Set in a greasy Vegas casino, somewhere in pokie hell.

Download movie: 11sec_oct08_blocking_01

cgBreakdown 1.3 – overshootin’

Thanks to Roman Kobryn over at AnimationMentor, who requested such an abomination of nature, cgBreakdown now does overshoots. There’s a new tab in the interface, so you can now send your character’s limbs in all sorts of directions at the same time!!!

Grab it on the cgBreakdown page

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