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11 Second Club – November – Polish 2

Full of lipsync-ey goodness and lots of general polish. Hopefully i’ll be able to do a little more work on it over the weekend before i need to submit it. It also features a high res carbonite model (thank you Zbrush and the fast mallet brush).

Download movie: 11sec_nov08_polish_02

11 Second Club – November – Polish 1

After some mucking about with staging, and other fun things, i’ve finally got this sucker out of blocking  (well, the body at least… the face is still rather half baked). Lots of work to do, but sleazy Jedi are lots of fun…

Download movie: 11sec_nov08_polish_01

11 Second Club – November – Blocking 2

Second blocking pass, fixing up a bunch of stuff.

Download movie: 11sec_nov08_blocking_02

11 Second Club November – Blocking 1

A new month, a new 11 Second Club competition. This time, i’m going for a sci-fi theme… 🙂

Download movie: 11sec_nov08_blocking_01

WIP thread at the 11 Sec forums.

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