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11 Sec Club – Feb – Polish Pass 2

A more polished version, including lipsync and facial.

Download movie: 11sec_feb09_polish02

11 Sec Club – Feb 09 – Polish pass 1

First polish pass for my february effort!

Download movie: 11sec_feb09_polish01

11 Sec Club – Feb 09 – Blocking 2

Second blocking pass:

Download movie: 11sec_feb09_blocking02

11 Sec Club – Feb 09 – Blocking 1

Ramping up for the 11 Second Club February competition – here’s my initial blocking pass. Now chock full of over the top Jack Black madness.

Download movie: 11sec_feb09_blocking01

Why Nuke is awesome

Sure, it’s stinkingly quick, robust and has a bunch of great features. But what’s really making Nuke shine at the moment is The Foundry’s development approach. Read more

11 sec club – Jan 09 – Final!

Sticking a fork in it and calling it done!

Download movie: 11sec_jan09_polish_03

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