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11sec August 09 – Polish 01


Download movie: 11sec_aug09_wip04

11sec August 09 – Blocking Plus

Blocking plus version – lots of breakdowns, lots more flavour, better cop badge. Now with added suits! Cut from 02 to 03 still problematic – I’m crossing the line something fierce, but I don’t have a better solution right now.

Download movie: 11sec_aug09_blocking03

11sec August 09 – Blocking 2

Second blocking pass. Our friend is getting a little crazier…

Download movie: 11sec_aug09_blocking02

11sec August 09 – Blocking 1

Well, it’s been a while. This month’s audio seemed to lend itself to some “Reservoir Dogs” style razor action, so here’s the rough outlines. No animation on our soon to be hard of hearing friend as of yet, but that’s on the to do list. Shot 1 may need some rethinking in terms of action….

Download movie: 11sec_aug09_blocking01

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