Could not figure this out for quite a while – maya API is a little obtuse if you’re not used to it, and with all the examples in c++, you’re on your own when it comes to translating to python. Ergh.


from maya import OpenMaya

def nameChangedCallback( *args):
    node = args[0]
    # convert the MObject to a dep node
    depNode = OpenMaya.MFnDependencyNode(node)
    oldName = args[1]

    print '----\nNameChangedCallback'
    print 'newName: ',
    print 'oldName', oldName
    print 'type', depNode.typeName()


# passing in a null MObject (ie, without a name as an argument)
# registers the callback to get all name changes in the scene
# if you wanted to monitor a specific object's name changes
# you could pass a name to the MObject

nullMObject = OpenMaya.MObject()
OpenMaya.MNodeMessage.addNameChangedCallback( nullMObject, nameChangedCallback )