Okay, let’s get this party started. Fabric Splice is freakin’ awesome and any studio can get 50 licenses for free.

Here’s the simplest possible deformer that i can possibly think of – the good old “push” operator from softimage. It moves vertices along the point normal.

require Math;
require Geometry;

operator doPushOp<<<index>>>(in Scalar amplitude, io PolygonMesh mesh0){
  Vec3 pos = mesh0.getPointPosition(index);
  Vec3 n  = mesh0.getPointNormal(index);
  Vec3 newPos = pos + (n * amplitude);
  mesh0.setPointPosition(index, newPos);

operator pushop(in Scalar amplitude, io PolygonMesh meshes[]) {
  for (Size i=0; i<meshes.size(); i++) {
    doPushOp<<<meshes[i].pointCount()>>>(amplitude, meshes[i]);