Sure, scene timewarp is cool, but what if you want to just timewarp a few objects (say, your tracked camera)??

Select the objects that you want to timewarp, and run this script. Any animation curves on your selection will have a new animCurve node plugged into their “time” input, that you can tweak to timewarp your animation.

def makeWarpCurve():
    timeWarpNode = cmds.createNode('animCurveTT', name='timeWarper1')
    startTime= cmds.playbackOptions( q=True, min=True)
    endTime= cmds.playbackOptions( q=True, max=True)
    cmds.setAttr(timeWarpNode + '.preInfinity', 1)
    cmds.setAttr(timeWarpNode + '.postInfinity', 1)

    cmds.addAttr(timeWarpNode, ln='isTimeWarp',  at='bool')

    cmds.setKeyframe(timeWarpNode, time=(startTime,), insert=True)
    cmds.setKeyframe(timeWarpNode, time=(endTime,), insert=True)
    cmds.keyframe(timeWarpNode, index=(0,), absolute=True, valueChange=startTime)
    cmds.keyframe(timeWarpNode, index=(1,), absolute=True, valueChange=endTime)
    cmds.keyTangent(timeWarpNode, index=(0,), itt='linear', ott='linear')
    cmds.keyTangent(timeWarpNode, index=(1,), itt='linear', ott='linear')
    return timeWarpNode

def applyTimeWarp(objects, warpCurve=None):
    if not warpCurve:
        warpCurve = makeWarpCurve()
        if not cmds.objExists(warpCurve):
            print 'Cannot find warpCurve: "%s"' % warpCurve
    for obj in objects:
        print obj
        for conn in cmds.listConnections( obj, d=False, s=True, type='animCurve'):
            print '\t', conn
            cmds.connectAttr(warpCurve + '.output', conn + '.input',  force=True)
    return warpCurve

def selectAllWarpNodes():
    wn = getAllWarpNodes()
    if wn:
        print 'No warp nodes found'

def getAllWarpNodes():
    warpNodes ='*.isTimeWarp', recursive=True, objectsOnly=True)
    return warpNodes
def warpSelected():
    sel  =
    if sel:
        warpCurve = applyTimeWarp(sel)


You can have multiple timewarps in a scene. Just select each object (or group of objects) separately and make new timewarpers.

I have no idea how it interacts with scene timewarp. Probably the universe will implode on itself.

the “getAllWarpNodes()” function will return all timewarper nodes in the scene. Or do a “selectAllWarpNodes()” to select them all.