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Reloading python modules in a package

def reloadModules(moduleStr):
    import sys
    for key, value in sys.modules.items():
        if moduleStr in key:
            if value:
                print 'reloading:', key

South for db migrations

South is looking like a godsend for Django database migrations… so far, so sexy.

Showreel Updates

New showreels posted! Yes, I have been doing stuff.

Character Animation Showreel

Download movie: chrisg_animationReel_2010

TVC Showreel

Download movie: chrisg_generalistReel_2010

zBrush sculpt – Blanchett


zBrush sculpt – Orson


zBrush sculpt – thing

No idea what it is. But it got reaaaal ugly.


zBrush sculpt – tough guy

Too much fun! Ears are a little small, tho’…


zBrush sculpt – Old Guy

Mucking about with zbrush, and managing to take it further than i have before. Good fun!


11sec August 09 – Polish 01


Download movie: 11sec_aug09_wip04

Why Nuke is awesome

Sure, it’s stinkingly quick, robust and has a bunch of great features. But what’s really making Nuke shine at the moment is The Foundry’s development approach. Read more

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