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Localise matLib in Softimage

Quick script for nAngus – this will import the material library from a referenced model and change the object assignments from the referenced to the local. Saves importing the refModel completely.


Usage: select a referenced matLib. A (local) duplicate will be created and 
objects assigned to these new materials


app = Application

print '##########################'
shaderColl = {}
sel = app.Selection
for x in sel:
	if x.Type == 'library_source':
		# is locked by refmodel?
		if x.lockType == 3:
			matLibName = x.FullName
			print 'Matlib:', matLibName
			for mem in x.items:
				usedBy = mem.UsedBy
				itemList = []
				for obj in usedBy:

				shaderColl[str(] = itemList
			print 'shaderColl', shaderColl
			# copy the material library
			newMatLib = app.Duplicate(x)
			print newMatLib
			# assign objects to the new matlib
			for mem in x.items:
				objectList = shaderColl[str(]
				newMatName = mem.FullName.replace(matLibName, str(newMatLib))
				print 'newMatName', newMatName
				for obj in objectList:
					print newMatName, obj
					Application.SIAssignMaterial( obj, newMatName)
			print 'Pick a matlib that is referenced'

ICE instances into Maya

There was a follow up to an old discussion on the Softimage mailing list concerning transferring particle instance orders from Soft into Maya. I thought I’d document what I said earlier.
Read more

cgBreakdown v1.33

A small update to cgBreakdown. Will now update params on refmodels, which tend to report themselves as locked. Thanks to Alex Kong for the heads up.

cgBreakdown update

Small update: 1.32 ignores locked parameters. Read more

cgBreakDown – 1.31

Fixed a bug in cgBreakDown – it now ignores fcurves with no keys (very practical idea, thanks SoftImage). This previously caused the script to error out. Grab it on the cgBreakDown page.

Autodesk buys Softimage

It’s hard to imagine how this is a good thing…

cgBreakdown 1.3 – overshootin’

Thanks to Roman Kobryn over at AnimationMentor, who requested such an abomination of nature, cgBreakdown now does overshoots. There’s a new tab in the interface, so you can now send your character’s limbs in all sorts of directions at the same time!!!

Grab it on the cgBreakdown page

XSI plugins back up

cgBreakdown and cgNukeIO are back online – get ’em in the 3dTools section.

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