11 Second Club Oct 08 – Final

yep, i’m calling it a final! for all it’s flaws…

Download movie: 11sec_oct08_submit_01

11 Second Club – Oct – Polish 2

Lipsync, lots more polish. Making progress…

Download movie: 11sec_oct08_polish_02

11 Second Club – Oct – Polish 1

Polish pass 1 – no lipsync, and still lots of polish stuff to do. Deadline, here we come!

Download movie: 11sec_oct08_blocking_02

Autodesk buys Softimage


It’s hard to imagine how this is a good thing…

11 Second Club – Oct – Blocking 1

Starting a little late, but what the hell. Blocking pass 1 for the 11 Second Club, October 08 edition. Set in a greasy Vegas casino, somewhere in pokie hell.

Download movie: 11sec_oct08_blocking_01

cgBreakdown 1.3 – overshootin’

Thanks to Roman Kobryn over at AnimationMentor, who requested such an abomination of nature, cgBreakdown now does overshoots. There’s a new tab in the interface, so you can now send your character’s limbs in all sorts of directions at the same time!!!

Grab it on the cgBreakdown page

Showreel up!

Finally have my showreel(s) online. Check ’em out in the showreel section.

11 Second Club – Polish 2

Second Polish Pass

Download movie: sept_08_polish_02

XSI plugins back up

cgBreakdown and cgNukeIO are back online – get ’em in the 3dTools section.

11 Second Club polish pass 1

First spline pass. Now to polish this sucker…

Download movie: sept_08_polish_01

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