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Character Animation Showreel – Sept 2010

Download movie: chrisg_animationReel_2010

TVC Showreel – Sept 2010

Download movie: chrisg_generalistReel_2010


  • fuRender – batch render management system for XSI. fu was publicly available for a number of years (XSI 3.5 to XSI 5) and had a small adoption in the XSI community. May or may not have encouraged Softimage to release BatchServe for free.
  • Slate – Shot tracking and studio job database. Slate kept information on jobs, revisions, comps, feedback, admin and accounting.
  • GeekTools – Various pipeline¬† and workflow tools, including
    • pathSetup¬† (XSI) – Organising renders into folders, ensuring a consistent and easily mangaged output..
    • cgPassIO (XSI) – pass import and export tools for XSI.
    • cgBreakdown (XSI) – shameless ripoff of TweenMachine for Maya.
    • Misc pass workflow scripts for XSI.
    • Misc animation tools for XSI (constraint retargeting, model animation transfer)
    • Tracker Export (XSI / After Effects) – moving screen space data to After Effects. Useful for corner pins, flare effects, etc.
    • cgNukeIO – Moving data between XSI and Nuke.
    • cgFFI_export – .action file export for XSI, including screen space data for use in Sparks.
  • Genuflex Moco Rig – Tools for motion control visualisation in XSI, including checking movement limits and keuper file IO.
  • Making The Bloody Scene Render – pretty much what it says. Sometimes at 3 in the morning.