cgBreakdown creates breakdown keys, based on a percentage of the previous and next keyframes. Based on Justin Barrett’s TweenMachine (a thing of beauty and a joy forever) for Maya . Very useful for blocking in stepped mode.

  • Respects marked parameters
  • Handy quick preset buttons
  • Can work on a whole model, or a single control. Whatever you’ve got selected.
  • Fast! Full of object-model goodness


Appears under the “Animation” menu at the bottom of your screen (just under the timeline). Select “cgBreakdown” from the menu.

A PPG will appear. Adjust the slider, or use the preset buttons, and whatever you have selected will get a breakdown at the current time. If you have parameters marked (eg, you have the rotate tool selected), only those marked parameters will be modified.


Language: jScript
Program: Softimage XSI
Installation: Drop it into your plugins folder (eg: c:\users\chrisg\softimage\xsi_6.0\application\plugins\)

Download: cgBreakdownPlugin


  • 1.0 – Initial release
  • 1.1 – Fixed bug where script was writing a key over the previous keyframe
  • v1.2 – operates on branch selections
  • v1.21 – ignores animation layers cleanly
  • v1.3 – Added overshoot
  • v1.31 – FIX: ignores fcurves without keys
  • v1.32 – FIX: ignores locked params
  • v1.33 – FIX: Copes with param locks on refmodels

Bugs? Use it and like it? Comments?:

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